Community Leader

In 2016, I had the privilege of being elected as a member of the Eysins municipality, and since then, I've progressively taken on greater responsibilities within the local government. As of 2021, I proudly hold the position of Vice Mayor, overseeing pivotal domains, including road infrastructure, public transport, and sustainability initiatives within our municipality. 

Beyond my municipal duties, I also serve as the Vice President of the Association de Communes Vaudoises (AdCV), where I play a pivotal role in leading initiatives centred around social and sustainable matters. My role entails spearheading collaborative efforts among various regional municipalities and stakeholders, all aimed at promoting and nurturing vital projects in these critical areas. 

Driven by an unwavering passion and a wealth of experience, I am dedicated to making a profound and positive impact on our community. I wholeheartedly embrace the ethos of collaboration, recognising that working harmoniously with others can truly effect meaningful change.